Staff Profiles

Founder Glenda Baires

Glenda Baires holds a Business Management degree and California Loan Officer license. She worked as an H&R Block tax specialist for six years before striking out on her own in 2014. With these credentials, she could have easily pursued a career handling tax matters for well-heeled corporate and private clients.

Instead, Glenda chose to merge her passion for numbers and analytics with a lifelong love of helping others overcome adversity. Offering bilingual service, she has dedicated herself to serving those who seldom have access to elite tax pros—individuals and small businesses, especially within the Latino community.

Whether you face a major tax problem, feel shut out of the system due to shyness or a language barrier, or simply want to learn how to avoid unpleasant IRS surprises, Glenda wants to empower you to win at the tax game year after year. Using her comprehensive approach to tax planning, Glenda’s clients at all income levels often go from owing tax annually to celebrating sizable refunds every spring.

Unlike many paid tax preparers who always seem to be rushing customers out the door, Glenda takes the extra time to get to know every client personally. She cherishes every opportunity to pair her skill with numbers with her “secret weapon”—a deep, instinctive empathy for every person who walks through her office door.

In her spare time, Glenda loves reading, hiking in the great outdoors, and dancing to any style of music. However, her top priority away from the office is always spending quality time with her husband, six sons, and Chata, the family Shih Tzu.